British Graded Holiday Parks Scheme

The British Graded Holiday Parks Scheme (BGHPS) was devised by the National Tourist Boards in association with the industry's two trade bodies. Some parks use this scheme to give guidance to customers on the range of the facilities they provide (aasessment includes things like park layout, general cleanliness, etc.). 

Each park is awarded a star grade and is also given a description which describes to visitors what type of park to expect e.g. 'Holiday Park' for parks whose main business is letting holiday caravans.

VisitEngland has developed an at-a-glance rating of holiday parks:
*              acceptable level
**            quite good level
***          good level
****        very good level
*****      excellent level

The number of stars gives you an indication of accommodation standard, cleanliness, ambience, hospitality, service and food. Generally, the more stars the higher the level of quality.