Buying FAQs

Where can I buy a caravan holiday home/lodge?

Holiday homes, either new or second hand, can be bought from the owner or operator of a licensed holiday park of your choice. To find a holiday park, click here. Alternatively, you can choose to visit a distributor where you can see a range of homes that can be sited on a variety of parks.

What are the costs of owning a caravan holiday home?

There will be an annual pitch fee - your park manager or operator will be able to clarify what is included. Some additional services you may be charged for by your park operator include gas/oil, electricity, water, sewerage and insurance.

Do I need to pay council tax on my caravan holiday home?

Owners of holiday homes pay a contribution towards the business rates of the holiday park and are therefore not required to pay Council Tax. (Payment of Council Tax or the receipt of housing benefit to help with pitch fees would suggest that the holiday home is being used as a permanent main residence, rather than as a holiday home and this would be in breach of your agreement with the park).

How can I finance the purchase of my caravan holiday home?

There are companies that specialise in finance arrangements for leisure accommodation - see the finance page.

Do I pay stamp duty when I buy my caravan holiday home?

No, because you do not own the land.

What charges am I liable for when I sell my caravan holiday home?

If you sell your caravan on site, and the agreement is assigned with the park owner's consent, a commission of up to 15% (plus VAT) may be payable. If your caravan is moved off the site, you may need to pay a proportion of the annual pitch fee, depending on how much notice you give. You may also be charged fees to disconnect services.