You should insure your holiday caravan and its contents.  The majority of parks will offer insurance cover options for their owners - you do not have to buy the policy they offer.  The park operator however has a right to ask to see the policy you have chosen to ensure that cover is adequate. 

Considerations when choosing insurance for your caravan:

What type of cover are you buying?

  • an 'all risks policy' including e.g. accidental damage, storm or flood damage
  • new for old, or
  • market value.

If you opt for a "new for old" policy make sure that the sum insured is adequate i.e. covers the amount needed to purchase and site a brand new caravan and dispose of the old one.  It should also cover:

  • third party liability
  • public liability
  • your caravan and contents all year round

As with all insurance policies, it is a good idea to shop around and read the exclusion clauses - for example,  most policies will require owners to ensure 'winterisation' is performed.  Look out for companies that specialise in caravan insurance - see, the website of the trade association for the caravan industry, for a list of reputable suppliers.