Legal FAQs

Can I rent out my caravan holiday home when I'm not there?

Check with the park owner. Some parks prohibit it but others encourage it and even handle the business on your behalf, for a fee.

Should I have a licence agreement when I buy a caravan holiday home?

It is strongly recommended that you do. Park operators who are members of the NCC offer a licence agreement that clearly outlines your rights and obligations.

What is covered in a licence agreement?

It governs how long you can keep your caravan on the park, the amount of pitch fees and how they are determined, plus the rules for selling your home. You should also be given a copy of the park rules.

What is wrong with living in a caravan holiday home?

In a worst case scenario, you could be evicted and the park could lose its licence. Caravan holiday homes are designed for leisure use and the park will only have a licence for holiday occupation. You will also not have the protection of the Mobile Homes Act (see below) and the Housing Act.

Do the Mobile Homes Act 1983 and 2013 apply to holiday parks?

No – this legislation was designed to protect the rights of owners of residential park homes on licensed residential home parks. They do not apply to caravan holiday homes sited on holiday parks. So if you do want to live in a caravan, it is really important that you chose a park that is licensed for residential use.

What is the legal definition of a lodge?

There is none – it is a marketing term with no definition in law! Most lodges are built to the standards that govern the manufacture of caravans (EN 1647 or BS 3632). If the park is licensed as a caravan park, it is important that the homes on it comply with the statutory definition of a caravan, otherwise it could constitute a breach of the site licence.

Do I own the land?

No you do not, but when you buy, you will be offered an agreement by the park to keep the caravan on the land for a specified length of time.

Where can I find a guide on agreements between the park and the consumer?

The OFT has produced a Guide to unfair terms in agreements for holiday homes - See Buying Guide > Professional Services > Legal.