NCC Informal Dispute Resolution Service

A free service for customers of NCC members

Many complaints arise due to misunderstandings or a breakdown in communications that can often be resolved by direct discussion or correspondence.

The NCC Informal Dispute Resolution Service (NCCIDRS) aims to restore communcations to enable both parties to resolve their differences. It does not mediate, arbitrate nor make a judgement on the issues presented.

You must first make your complaint in writing to the business which sold you the holiday home before contacting NCCIDRS. This allows the NCC member the opportunity to deal with your complaint and issue a final response to you (in writing) and/or to fulfil their responsibilities under the Sale of Goods Act. If thgis fails, you can then bring your complaint to us.

Use of the service does not affect your statutory rights but, before you take this step, it is important for you to understand what this service can and cannot offer you - the leaflet below tells you more. There are many instances where we can assist you, but we cannot help you if the dispute concerns:

  • A residential park home or residential park matter covered by the Residential Property Tribunal (RPT)
  • A business that was not an NCC member at the time of the purchase/prospective purchase
  • Pitch fees
  • Park Rules and/or Site Licence issues other than how they were handled
  • An issue or repair still being dealt with under the terms of a Manufacturer's Warranty, or other warranty, and their responsibilities under the Sale of Goods Act
  • An issue already being dealt with by another trade association or another independent redress or dispute resolution scheme (e.g. an Ombudsman service)
  • An issue already being dealt with under criminal law, or in progress under civil law, including the Sale of Goods Act (e.g. Small Claims Court)
  • An issue where you have formally instructed, been represented, or are represented by a solicitor or other legal representative
  • A business to business transaction
  • A complaint where more than 12 months has elapsed since the date that you first noticed/experienced a problem/defect/fault
  • A complaint where more than three months has elapsed, without your response, since the date of the NCC member's final decision letter

For further information on the service please download this leaflet or email: nccidrs

To know more about your rights under the Sale of Goods Act, click here.