Types of Holiday Home

There was a time when all holiday homes looked very much alike, but today the emphasis is on style and choice. You can choose from a wide range of interior layouts and homes that look like timber-clad lodges, beachside villas or country cottages.  

Holiday homes either come in one section (a single unit) or two sections (a twin).  Large or small, they are very cleverly designed, and will include probably all the luxuries you have at home.  To see how stunning a modern holiday home can be, see the manufacturers' pages.

Homes can be as large as 22 ft wide and 60ft long, but even smaller homes feel extremely spacious.  Some holiday homes are built to the same British Standard (BS 3632) as residential park homes.  Homes on holiday parks are not intended for year-round habitation - to find out why, click here or to discover more about permananent residential park home living, see the residential park homes Smarter Move website.

Holiday homes
Holiday homes have come a long way - if you haven't looked inside one recently, then look again!  Today they are more like chic apartments, with exceptional build standards, higher insulation levels, superior equipment, energy efficient and high quality design.  But don't take our word for it, see the manufacturers' pages.

Leisure lodges
What may look like a timber-clad lodge is, in law, most likely a caravan.  It will be built either to the European Standard for leisure - holiday caravans (BS EN 1647) or, more frequently, to the residential standard - for park homes (BS 3632).  As such, it will be a high quality, superbly designed home that could have a lifespan of 20, 40 or even 60 years, when properly maintained.